Avoiding Reinfection

Chemical and surgical methods destroy visible warts, but the virus is thought to remain under the skin. These treatments can be effective over time, but there is no guarantee. If the virus should become active again, the warts may appear weeks, months or years after your therapy.

You should monitor yourself to keep a minor re-occurrence from spreading. Begin by inspecting your genitals, anus and the area in between regularly. You may need a light and a hand-held mirror to get a good look, and report to your doctor any warts, blisters, moles, bumps, ulcers, changes in skin color, such as pink, red, gray or white patches.

While being treated, you should either abstain from sex or use a condom that covers the infected area. If your lesions are at the base of your penis, a condom will be ineffective and you could transmit the virus. You should consider yourself contagious up to one year following removal and treatment of the last lesion. You may be over this infection if no other lesions appear during that time period.