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Combination Therapy

Combination therapy has demonstrated promising results for most patients. The therapy combines the use of the powerful antiviral drug Interferon with wart removal techniques, like lasers to vaporize the wart. The interferon helps the body fight and suppress the virus while a medical laser vaporizes the warts.

The FDA approved combination therapy decreases the chances of reoccurrence significantly. However, the success of the therapy depends on the severity, extent and size of the venereal warts and the health of the patient’s immune system.

Our center was an early combined therapy adopter. 

Combination therapy explained.

For Privacy, No Signs

By design, when you visit the HPV Center of America there are no signs indicating you’re an HPV patient. To protect your privacy, the HPV Center of America operates in conjunction with the St. Louis Colon Rectal Health Center, the clinic name found on our door and the building directory.  

Additional Resources

 "... Aetna considers interferon alfa-N3 (Alferon N) medically necessary for intralesional treatment of refractory or recurring external condylomata acuminata (venereal/genital warts)..."

Aetna Interferons NO: 0404


"... These three groups of IFNs have been used successfully as monotherapy or in combination with traditional modalities to treat anogenital condyloma acuminatum." 

Interferons alpha, beta and gamma therapy of anogenital human papillomavirus infections


" ... Conclusion: Interferon is effective as adjuvant treatment in controlling the recurrence of genital HPV."

Interferon as an adjuvant treatment for genital condyloma acuminatum


"...  In conclusion we believe that IFN alpha-2a can be used with excellent results as first line treatment in combination with CO2 laser vaporization or/plus 5-FU in patients with C.A. or F.C. or combined condylomata."

Treatment of men with flat (FC) or acuminata (CA) condylomata with interferon alpha-2a



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