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Meet the Staff of HPV Center of America

You can put your trust in the staff at HPV Center of America with more than a 30 years experience in health care and the specialized treatment of HPV.

Dr. Steven Abbadessa, affectionately known by staff and patients as Dr. Abby, is an experienced, board certified proctologist and surgeon.

As the founder of HPV Center of America, Dr. Abbadessa is an expert in the treatment HPV related conditions including genital and anal warts, anal and cervical dysplasia having treated  thousands of patients through his twenty-plus years in practice.

Other patients’ needs involve addressing diseases of the colon and rectum. These diseases and problems include: Colon and rectal cancer prevention (conducting colonoscopies and other screenings for cancer), rectal and colon surgery for removal of polyps, anal conditions such as anal fissures, abscess and fistula, anal itching, Crohn’s disease, and expert hemorrhoid treatment.

My staff and I look forward to helping you with your health concerns.

To your health and peace of mind,

Dr. Steven Abbadessa

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