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Distance Not a Barrier: Treat your HPV at home

If you suspect you have genital or anal warts, or are having a recurrence,  the distance between you and quality treatment need not be a barrier. At the HPV Center of America we can, and do, treat patients from across the country. The sooner you tackle the virus, the sooner you begin healing. If we confirm you have HPV, we will then develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

Currently, patients need to be seen at the center for an initial consultation where a personalized treatment plan is established. If distance is an issue for you, we can develop an effective treatment plan that you can administer in the privacy of your home.

HPV Center staff are working to build telemedicine protocols that could circumvent the initial in-person office consultation. For now, you will need to visit the HPV Center of America where we will confirm the diagnosis.

Our team will then develop your treatment plan. If you’re hoping to treat from home, the plan may include the use of a topical acid or ointment to destroy the lesions. The plan may also include removing the lesions during the visit.

Depending on your treatment plan, medications may be prescribed to suppress the virus so your immune system can contain the HPV and possibly clear it from your body. Interferon is applied by injection, just like an insulin shot, and can be safely administered by yourself or a family member.

Patients still need to consult with the staff by phone throughout the treatment process to monitor effectiveness and progression.

Treatment options offered through the center depend on the severity, location, and instances of HPV. It’s rare that a patient’s condition is such that home treatment is not an option. If this should be the case for you, the HPV Center staff understands your unique situation and works to provide care in a compassionate, nonjudgmental environment.

For Privacy, No Signs

By design, when you visit the HPV Center of America there are no signs indicating you’re an HPV patient. To protect your privacy, the HPV Center of America operates in conjunction with the St. Louis Colon Rectal Health Center, the clinic name found on our door and the building directory.  

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