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Removing Warts and Barriers to Treatment
A high deductible or lack of insurance shouldn’t be a barrier to getting treatment.

At HPV Center of America, we understand the urgency of getting HPV treated, which is why we work with our patients who have no insurance or high deductible plans so they can begin getting treated as soon as possible.

Our goal is to help you heal and regain a fulfilling sexual relationship without fear of spreading the virus. To ensure finances do not prevent you from receiving treatment, there are some financial options:

Merk Help™ Grant

The type of assistance you may be eligible for depends upon your prescribed treatment plan. Through Merk Help™, we will help you complete and submit the necessary forms and information to receive a grant to help cover the cost of Interferon, a drug that suppresses the human papillomavirus.

Grant awards through the Merk Helps program are based upon financial need. While we cannot ensure you’re awarded a grant, most applications from HPV Center of America patients are approved.

Payment Arrangement Options

If your insurance plan has a high deductible, HPV Center of America can work with you on a payment arrangement to ensure you begin receiving treatment sooner rather than later. If your treatment plan should include the use of Interferon, we’ll also recommend seeking outside assistance through the Merk HelpsTM program to help defer your costs.

A payment arrangement plan will depend upon a patient’s access to insurance, possible acceptance into a grant program, and ability to pay.


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