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Anal Wart Treatment

What are the Treatments for Anal Warts?

The primary difference between anal and genital wart removal is the location of the infected area.



If warts are small and located only on the skin around the anus, they can be treated with medications that are applied directly to the surface of the warts.
While this sounds simple, making sure that only the warts are treated and not the surrounding skin takes the expertise of a skilled physician to take great care in administering the medication.  This treatment usually requires several applications performed at various intervals over several weeks.
Warts inside the anal canal usually can’t be treated with medications and involve a surgical procedure.

Electrical Cautery and Surgery Removal


Destruction of the warts can be done with an instrument to cauterize or burn off the wart. The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis. Also a laser or combination of the two can be used. The results are immediate and use a local anesthetic such as Novocaine or a general or spinal anesthetic depending on the number and exact location of the warts.
In most cases, a series of treatments will be needed.


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